Here are our most frequently asked questions.  A listing of FAQs is displayed first, followed by answers for each one.  If you have questions about anything related to our class or the association, please send them to our Webmaster at webm@lhs75aa.org. If it's something that all of our classmates should know about, we'll post your questions and the answers on this page for their benefit.
1. What happens to funds that are earmarked for the Association's Benevolence Fund?

2. How do I get into the Class of 75's secret Facebook group?

3. The home page says that our next reunion will be held on September 5, 2020. Is that a firm date, and has a venue already been reserved?
Are class members that haven't joined the Association able to view the website?
Yes...and no. Class members that aren't yet members of the Association can view the following "public" pages on our website:

Welcome Back! - Membership/Tickets - Become A Sponsor - FAQs - Contact Us - Our Sponsors ROCK!

One of the many benefits of Association membership is access to the "members only" pages of the site, including:

The Association - Register/Profiles - Documents - News You Can Use! - Benevolence Fund - Class Directory - The Big 4-0 in 2015!! - LHS '75 Calendar - Memorials - Musical Memories - Message Boards - Take a Quiz - Photo Albums - Leopard's (B)log - Guest Book - News Feeds - For Travelers.

If you haven't started your membership yet, what are you waiting for? Do it today!  Your tax-deductible annual dues payment of a mere $5.00 will be used to cover the administrative expenses of the Association (primarily mail-outs), and fees for hosting our website.  We also offer a full lifetime membership for a one-time payment of $200, which is also tax-deductible. Any surplus funds remaining at the end of the year will be transferred to our Benevolence Fund.
If a class member doesn't have access to the internet, can they still join the Association?
Sure!  If you know one (or more!) of our class members that don't have a computer or don't have access to the internet, you can help them out by clicking on the "Membership-Tickets" page link on the left side of this page. When the page opens, right-click your mouse on the membership form, save it to your computer, then print it out.  For a more legible copy, click on the link to the PDF version of the form, and save or print that file.  Take the forms to your friends (remember, classmates only, please!), have them fill it out and mail it in to our Treasurer, Sue Stokes, and they're all set! It'll take a bit longer than signing up here on the website, but once we've received their registration form, we'll have their up-to-date contact information, and we can keep them informed of class events by regular mail.
Does a class member have to be an Association member to purchase tickets and attend our 40th-year reunion or other Association-sponsored events?
No, but it sure wouldn't hurt!  ALL class members are welcome and encouraged to purchase tickets and attend any of our reunions or other Association-sponsored events.  Membership in our organization is purely voluntary, but will provide you with some important benefits available exclusively to Association members.  Benefits include discounts on event ticket purchases and full access to all of the pages on our website. 
Has a date been set for our 40th-year reunion in 2015?
We're glad you asked!  In February 2014, the Association's Executive Board unanimously approved Labor Day weekend 2015 (Friday, September 4th through Sunday the 6th), as the dates for our reunion.  So far, we have confirmed the following events:

1) a Friday night home football game at Leopard Stadium against the North Canton Hoover Vikings;
2) a post-game party at the Harvest Inn in Homeworth (co-owned by our classmate, Melodie (Horn) Gunias);
3) a Saturday morning memorial service for our deceased classmates at the Waters Edge Vineyard, located in Louisville;
4) a Saturday afternoon tour of the recently renovated high school campus; and,
5) a Saturday evening dinner party, also at the Waters Edge Vineyard.

Information updates will be posted on the Association's Facebook Group page as we draw nearer to the reunion weekend, and several mail-outs will be sent to our class members prior to the event.